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Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to Embed a Word Document in Blogger

Here are the steps to embed a Word document in Blogger:

  1.  Go to www.scribd.com

  2.  On the upper right, click on Publish

  3.  Under Select file, click Upload

  4.  Select the Word document to upload
  5.  Enter your email address in the Email textbox and click Send

  6.  Hover over the icon on the upper right and click on My Documents

  7.  Click on your Word document
  8.  Click on the Embed button

  9.  Click the Copy button

  10.  In your blog post editor, click on HTML

  11.  Paste the code from Scribd where you want the Word doc to appear

  12.  Save an update your blog

The following video demonstrates how to embed a Word document in Blogger: